About Gothenburg

Welcome to Gothenburg, a city on the Swedish west coast at the mouth of Göta river and just inside a marvellous archipelago. Gothenburg was founded in 1621 and through the years has grown to a city with 550 000 inhabitants; the second largest city in Sweden. It encompasses the largest harbour in  Scandinavia with a yearly tonnage of almost 40 million tons. Two universities are situated within the city, University of Gothenburg and Chalmers University of Technology with almost 50000 students together. Gothenburg is proud of its new opera house and its concert hall. It has a lively and diverse theatrical, music and exhibitions scene.

For many years Gothenburg and its inhabitants have been actively engaged in issues and activities related to the environment, sustainable development and a sustainable future. The two universities are conducting cutting edge research and education around these issues. Every year, the city of Gothenburg awards a substantial environmental prize and so does Volvo AB. Many of the world’s environmental and sustainability leaders are among the laureates.

University of Gothenburg has an internationally renowned Faculty of Education. It is the home of leading educational researchers such as Ference Marton and Roger Säljö.

Over the years Gothenburg has become a multicultural habitat enriched by immigrants from all parts of the world.

People across the world are aware of the urgent need to change social, economic, cultural and environmental pathways if humanity is to enjoy a sustainable future. Education, learning and understanding are essential conditions and means to engage in this necessary transformation and change.

We are sure that this congress will help in setting major steps in the right direction.


In Gothenburg, metropolitan benefits are combined with a genuine and warm atmosphere.

With scheduled direct flights from around 55 European destinations the city is easily accessible from around the world. It’s also easy to get around. Discover the city on foot, rent a bike or use the extensive tram network that will take you all the way out into the archipelago.

The Bohuslän coast is one of the last great wilderness areas. Explore the charming little fishing villages among the thousands of islands and skerries scattered along the coastline. In central Gothenburg an abundance of culture and other activities are found within comfortable walking distance. Characterful neighbourhoods and parks are located only a stone’s throw from attractions and entertainment. This gives you a chance to catch a glimpse of the city even if the schedule is tight.

Top quality restaurants, several with Michelin stars, are offering cuisine from all over the world at reasonable prices. The main culinary attraction is the local seafood; prawns, lobster and a wide selection of fish, ranked amongst the finest in the world.

It’s easy to make shopping an experience in Gothenburg. You’ll find exclusive fashion by local and international designers, odd vintage and second hand bargains in small boutiques next door to the big chains’ well-stocked shops. The main shopping district is found in the charming area inside the moat, with the shops located within walking distance from each other.

Gothenburg blends a distinct feeling of charm with the pulse of modern urban life. A whole new meeting experience awaits you.