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Install HopeInstall Hope

Install Hope is an initiative that injects knowledge and inspiration around the most important questions of our time, by combining art and sustainability in creative ways. During WEEC Install Hope will display 15 action driven promises that each and one of us can use in the strive for a more sustainable world. A more thorough explanation of how Install Hope uses the power of art in the field of sustainability will be given in the workshop "Artistic tool for knowledge, creativity and inspiration", held on the 2nd of July.


The spring cleanup – changing children’s attitudes for a sustainable future

The aim of the project is to encourage good values for a sustainable future through themes relating to littering, recycling and reusing. It is our belief that through involving children at an early age in discussion, exploration and information relating to these themes we are helping create citizens of the future who take care of the environment and are proud to do so. By experiencing, exploring and reflecting they gain an understanding as to why littering is a problem and why sustainability is so important. The act of picking up litter in their own neighborhood then enforces what they have learnt together with their teachers and friends in school. Since 2007 the project has had a strong base in the preschool and school curriculum. The educators themselves are equipped with a teacher´s guide which relates to goals set in the curriculum. The guide is packed with information and tips on how to integrate “The spring cleanup”-project and sustainable development in all school subjects to increase knowledge and understanding.

In collaboration with WEEC we will also present an exhibition of the children’s and teacher’s creative ways of in cooperating the project in their schools and preschools. The exhibition will be on display from the 29th of June till the 2nd of July.

The Spring cleanup project is managed by "Safe, Beautiful City", City of Gothenburg. Homepage: (For other languages, besides Swedish, click "Other languages" at the very top of the page).