Göteborgs National Dans Sällskap, GNDS

GNDS – was founded in 1915, and was one of the first Folk Dance Societies in Gothenburg. Today we are a Society with 120 members and we arrange dance evenings every Thursday in Gräfsnäsgården (Slottsskogen). The traditional dances are our main task but traditional handicraft is also an important part of our activities.

A lot of things have changed since 1915; but we see our mission to keep the traditions alive, to feel the joy in the music and dancing and to feel the satisfaction from creating something with our hands. At the same time our ambition is to develop the activities by new influences, for instance through exchanging of dance and music with other folk-dance associations in Europe. By showing our activities we also try to inspire others to join us and feel the joy in our society. As we see music and dancing as something that unites people, GNDS have a long tradition of participating in Folklore festivals and visiting other countries.

We use traditional costumes from different part of Sweden at performances and our experienced musician’s plays at traditional folk music instrument.

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Göteborgs National Dans Sällskap
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Kultursommarjobb - "Culture Summer Work"

Kultursommarjobb is a part of the cultural department of the city of Gothenburg. Every summer Kultusommarjobb employs about 100 artists aged between 16 and 20 to perform on the streets of the city. Besides dancers, actors and musicians kultursommarjobb also offers summer job to painters, filmmakers and set design/costume designers. For the WEEC congress Kultursommarjobb will perform a show inspired by sustainability and based upon the participants’ abilities. When walking the city central area, You will also see many other shows in different locations.

For more information please like our Facebookpage: https://sv-se.facebook.com/kultursommarjobb.goteborg




Elie & the Engine

Elie & the Engine is rock magic. Inspired by the presence of Springsteen, Fleetwood Mac's timeless song and modern bands such as The War On Drugs their aim is to revive the spirit of rock and carry it into the future. This time we will hear them playing songs from their newly released debut-album Bring The Light, along with some new material, all in a stripped-down setting fitted for the occasion.


Elie & the Engine