Utflykt till BoråsA day in Borås! - FULLY BOOKED

 2 July 12:45 PM. - 9 PM.

In Borås the city center is filled with Sculptures and Street-art. They stand out - enabling us to notice our environment, our everyday paths and acts. With inspiration from those as well as from the work of Joseph Beys (1921-1986) we are curious to develop the concept of Social Sculptures together with You. How can we learn from form - shaping form, becoming artists? What will the aesthetic doubling process – knowing we are simultaneously in a social everyday setting as well as being part of fiction- have to offer us interested in societal change towards more sustainable futures? Sharing our various experiences and hopes in this field is on the top of our agenda for the day.

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SKF tekniska gymnasiumSustainable Future – An example of a “whole school perspective”

2 July, 14:00

This visit intends to show how SKF Technical College (a Swedish upper secondary school) has implemented ESD with a whole school perspective. The visit will briefly describe their green profile “Sustainable Future” and present how they have made it possible by creating ESD-projects from the core contents in the Swedish curriculum. The school also has an interesting collaboration with SKF (www.skf.com) which supports the school with guest lectures and resources. To complete the visit there will also be students attending who will present their view of the project and their learning outcome of it.

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BotaniskaGothenburg Botanical Garden

Guided Tour 28 June, 14:00, CANCELLED

30 June, 18:30, Guided Walk with one of the Teachers from the education department , please sign up here.

Gothenburg Botanical Garden is a green and peaceful oasis in the heart of the city away from the bustle and noise. Looking for a short rest, exercise, inspiration, learning experience, beauty or just a simple snack? You’ve found the right place.

Learn more about us on our webpage and find the way here.

All conference participants are welcome to Gothenburg Botanical Garden. We are open every day between sunrise and sunset. Voluntary entrance fee to the garden. Admission to the greenhouses 20: -.

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Passive housesPassive Houses in Alingsås

Guided Tour 2 July, 15:00

Passive houses is what we can see as one of the solutions for the big sustainability issue that our society are facing. If you are able to cut your energy consumption radically when it comes to heating or cooling in your building means that we can use the energy in other sectors. Sectors where energy is much more needed.

Take the train to Alingsås and join us on a field trip to one of Europe’s best school buildings. Stadsskogenskolan is a passive house in combination with solar panels on the roof, that makes a plus energy building.

You will be guided by Hans Eek who is an experienced architect and expert in Passive house technique. There is a commuter train leaving at 14:10, arriving at 14:50 in Alingsås (last stop of the train). We’ll pick you up at the train station. Normally the train leaves from track 2 in Gothenburg but please double check.

The excursion is free of charge, but you will have to pay for the train ride your self. The train costs about 10 euros and you can pay with card onboard of the train.

For more information and to sign up, please contact: info@passivhuscentrum.se

Read more on the webpage.


StadsjordDinner and excursion with Stadsjord

30 June, 19:00

Stadsjord is known for introducing the first post war pigs in Göteborg city. We still have pigs in the staff. And now we introduce the first water pigs in Göteborg. Together with lead partner Klövern we konverting an empty building in the beautiful Slaughterhouse area less than 10 minutes with tram from Central Trainstation. We fill this Urban Void with new stories of a new food culture with omnivore fish (water pigs), plants, bees, modern wastemanagement and social engagement.

Join us June 30 19.00. We tell the story about urban pigs and our engagement in the worlds first standard för Urban Agriculture. Swedish Standards Institute is lead partner. You meet our fish, plants and vision and have a light meal in one of Göteborgs most promising green areas.

Please register on the website or by emailing Niklas Wennberg niklas@stadsjord.se before  June 28, 2015

Cost: 150 SEK/15 Euro please pay to our postgiro 567103-7 or pay on site.

Public Transport:  Take tram 9, 11, 4 or 7 from Centralstationen to Gamlestadstorget  (take less than 10 minutes)


GreenGothenburg_logoNorth River Bank Walk – Green Gothenburg Program - CANCELLED

Where: Introduction in Älvrummet, Kanaltorget (towards the Gothenburg Opera House) After that walk along the North River Bank, and the tour ends back at Kanaltorget.

Time: 13.30 – 17.00, Thursday 2 July 2015

No cost - free of charge (maximum 20 people, minimum 10 people)

Register at: info@greengothenburg.se Mark headline “North River Bank”. Confirmation will be sent.

The Tour will show you as follows:

  • Eriksberg – from shipyard to sustainable housing

An exciting mix of modern housing and renovated dockside buildings. Eriksberg is a thriving neighbourhood with an exciting mix of modern housing and renovated dockside buildings. It hasn’t always been like this. When the big shipyards disappeared and Gothenburg ceased to be an important shipping centre, vast expanses of land and industrial premises were left derelict.

  • Lindholmen – new technology in old factories

Lindholmen is a former dockland area. When the large shipyards disappeared and Gothenburg ceased to be an important shipping centre, vast expanses of land fell derelict. Now the dockside buildings have been renovated and revitalised, and new properties are being built. Lindholmen Science Park was founded to promote fruitful collaboration between industry, academia and the public sector, and has become a world-leading research and development centre with a focus on mobile data communication, intelligent vehicles and transport systems and modern media.

  • Sannegårdshamnen – from dockland to sustainable housing

This 100 year-old harbour was primarily used for handling coal and coke. Its curved wharfs have been renovated and supplemented with low wooden jetties. Inland from the wharfs, there are housing complexes built around green yards. Attractive outdoor areas, seats in sunny locations and well-planned green areas make ideal places for meeting and socialising.

  • Hamnhuset – one of Sweden’s largest passive houses

Hamnhuset is Älvstranden Utveckling AB’s first passive house, and one of the largest passive houses in Sweden. With a quarter of the heating energy requirement of normal apartment buildings, 75% lower carbon emissions, the same rental rates and a better indoor environment, Hamnhuset contributes to furthering development in the housing construction sector.
Hamnhuset is the fruit of committed environmental efforts and countless lifecycle cost calculations (LCC). Careful choice of environmentally certified materials and extremely energy-efficient construction has resulted in a superior living environment and low environmental impact.

GreenGothenburg_logoStudy tour walk - CANCELLED

Sustainable transport of goods in cities

The traffic situation in central Gothenburg has from time to time been described as”messy”. Lorries, pedestrians, and cyclists are mixed together in relatively limited spaces, where the noise level sometimes is high, and where passers-by may experience a feeling of insecurity. To shop-owners it can sometimes be frustrating that their display windows are blocked by large vehicles during business hours.

Where: Gothenburg city – meeting point Gustaf Adolfs Torg

Time: Thursday 2 July 2015, 13.30-15.00

No cost – free of charge (minimum 10 people, maximum 20 people)

Register at: info@greengothenburg.se Mark headline “Sustainable transports”. Confirmation will be sent.

13.30 Start at Gustaf Adolfs Torg – meeting point at the statue

Guide; Mr Christoffer Widegren

City deliveries

The city of Gothenburg have for some years been working, in cooperation with property owners and cooperative companies, to improve the availability in the city. Among other things, regulations have been simplified, walking speed areas have been constructed and checks intensified. The results are noticeable – it has become easier to distribute goods in the city. New forms of distribution to shops have been initiated, and at the same time traffic intensity seems to have been reduced.

A joint goods reception provides smaller deliveries to shops in the central city. Here the goods is received, checked, registered, and grouped for delivery according to the shop’s wishes. The response from the participants has been consistently positive, which has created a substantial interest from Swedish as well as international cities.

Here you get a crammed guided tour including unique visit objects, all with a touch of Gothenburg. You also get the chance to study innovative environmental vehicles.

The Fish Express

Fiskexpressen is an environmentally friendly vehicle that runs between the fish dock and the fish market, Feskekörkan, with the fish deliveries of the day.

Visit Feskekörkan, the typical Gothenburg gathering place, for all who appreciate a wide range of fresh fish and seafood.

15:00 Walk back at Gustaf Adolfs Torg – End of study tour