Visit Götaplatsen and vow your sustainability action. What change will you make in everyday life for a sustainable future? Take a picture where you present your vow and share in social media. #greenhackgbg #WEEC2015



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Together we create a sustainable future

The City of Gothenburg wants to be a pioneer when it comes to environment and urban development. Together with the citizens of Gothenburg we want to create a sustainable society, reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and our carbon footprint.

Our lifestyle and the choices the citizens of Gothenburg make every day impact the environment. We know that most people want to make wise and environmentally friendly choices, and therefore we are working to facilitate for the citizens of Gothenburg to make smart choices. It should be easy to do right!

During WEEC, the project “Safe Beautiful City”, the environmental, consumer and citizen service administrations, and the Department of Sustainable Waste and Water Management, will demonstrate parts of their work that contributes to creating a sustainable Gothenburg.

On Götaplatsen you can:

Discuss and get inspiration on how you can contribute to a sustainable Gothenburg

  • Join the #greenhackgbg and perhaps give a sustainability pledge, large or small, for example, to buy fewer clothes, invite a friend to vegetarian dinner or invest in solar energy.
  • Meet “Safe Beautiful City” in the THINK-tent where you can try your luck by playing on the wheel of fortune - the bet is rubbish!
  • Learn more about the work of “Safe, Beautiful City” and get the opportunity to comment and ask questions.
  • See an exhibition by children and young people who created art of garbage in a street between Götaplatsen and the “Humanisten” Faculty.
  • Let your kids paint their own t-shirt with a sustainability message in the container of the Department of Sustainable Waste and Water Management.
  • Get your own tap water bottle that you can refill with fresh and healthy drinking water, again and again
  • See a larger artwork of willow made by students from the Emma school in Angered: one of the schools with a school garden that works with outdoor teaching where ecological sustainability is linked with social sustainability


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Monday 29 June 12:00-15:00
A member from Gothenburg Bamboobikes tells us about their work building bikes from bamboo. They want to create a sustainable product, and have a great vision  of an environmental pursuit  of cultivating bamboo and carrying on research  into bamboo as a biomass for energy recovery. Bamboo as a raw material can be used in various areas with both environmental and economic advantages.


Tuesday 30 June 12:00-15:00
We work with crafts as a method of uniting people. Skapligan’s goal is to create togetherness between age groups, social groups and cultural groups, through crafts. By creating with our hands, an exchange of knowledge about crafts, sustainability, democracy and history is made possible .


Wednesday 1 July 12:00-15:00
Members from the artist studio Under Uppbyggnad (Contexture) show and talk about their artistic work with sustainable art.


The activities are organized in collaboration with Folkuniversitetet.FU Gbg
Folkuniversitetet develops people by knowledge and creativity and we believe in lifelong education for all citizens.



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