WEEC2015 finds it very important to take environmental actions since the organizing of a large congress inevitably comes with some environmental impact.


In organizing WEEC2015 we have a Travel Policy.

We engage actors who take environmental actions and are environmental certified. The Concert Hall is certified according to "Svensk Miljöbas".

The University premises are certified according to ISO 14001 and EMAS, you can read more here.FTT_city_col

Your "fika" (coffee break) will be organic and we have received a certificate from Fairtrade City for only offering Fairtrade coffee  and tea.


In addition we are the first Swedish event ever to be "Tap Water Certified" ("kranmärkt")! A tap water certified event is an event free from bottled water. By being tap water certified  you show that you take a stand for a better environment and inspire other to choose tap water when possible.


Only clean tap water is served here.

Healthy and sustainable, without transport and waste.